About Jim Trelease

For 20 years Jim Trelease was an award-winning artist and journalist before turning his career toward education. Personal experience made him think there might be a connection between being read to and how much a child wanted to read.  Jim investigated further and was inspired to write and self-publish the first edition of The Read-Aloud Handbook in 1979. In 1983, he left the newspaper business to lecture and write full time. Between 1979 and 2008, Trelease's work was a pivotal force for numerous read-aloud movements in both the U.S. and abroad. Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Nebraska, and Hawaii launched state-wide campaigns based on Jim's book and seminars, as did one European country, Poland.

Jim has been one of the most sought-after education speakers in the US, addressing parents, teachers, and librarians on the subjects of children, literature, and television in all 50 states. His final year of public lectures and seminars was 2008 but he has graciously agreed to step out of retirement for Usborne Books & More.

For a full biography and more details go to:
And I thoroughly recommend that you read Jim’s retirement letter.

About Mary Christensen

Our speaker, Mary Christensen, is a best selling author and one of the industry’s most popular speakers on building a home-based direct sales business.

A former teacher and university lecturer, Mary started her first party plan business as a young mom. From founding her own business and sponsoring over 1000 in her first year, to CEO of a party plan corporation, President of the Direct Selling Association, and author of three books for direct sellers, Mary has walked the talk.

She understands the challenges that you face in the current economic times, and how to move beyond them to build the income and lifestyle you deserve from your Usborne Books and More business.

With customized presentations for leaders and for consultants, Mary guarantees to teach you exactly what to do and say to increase your sales, your bookings and your sponsoring.

To learn more about Mary, visit her website: www.MaryChristensen.com

About Karen Powell

Karen Powell is a familiar face to many of us as she has attended our National Convention several times over the years, and this year we are honored to have her speak to our Supervisors during the Leadership Meeting. The title of her presentation is “The Inside-Out CEO”.

Karen Powell started her Usborne business when she was 9 months pregnant with her third son. She promoted to supervisor 5 months later and quickly became the top leader in Canada. For the past 10 years, she has straddled two worlds, working corporately, as National Sales Director, leading the Canadian Usborne Books at Home division, including developing all of the incentives and training nationwide, and meanwhile continuing to function as the top field leader nationally. Through it all, her family has continued to remain her top priority, and she has home schooled all of her 5 children.  Not content to sit back, Karen continues to reach for new heights for her company and her own business. Her passion is to equip women to realize and fulfill their potential by building a business marked by integrity.

About Kira Lynn

Welcome to the world of Kane Miller Books

Founded in 1984 by siblings Madeline Kane and Sandy Miller, Kane Miller brings the best of children’s literature from other countries to America.  We publish picture books and fiction with the aim of bringing the children of the world closer to each other through sharing stories and ideas, while exploring cultural differences and similarities.

Our world is international and multicultural. Books can be the bridge between those cultures--a shared history, a common denominator, a bond (at the very least, something to talk about). Kane Miller books come from 23 countries and have won awards around the world – they are that connection, they start the conversations.

Reading and books unite us all.  Whether I’m at work, talking to my children (“I need a book on the Crusades, but it has to be fiction.” “I need a novel with a color in the title.”), or relaxing at home, reading is a part of my life, and my family’s. It makes our world richer. How can we not want that for all our children?